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I'm a salesperson for New York Commercial Real Estate, Ltd, out of Smithtown. Vinny has been a tremendous resource for us. He is an amazingly knowledgeable HVAC contractor, and a Master Plumber. Besides his deep skills and experience in his field, he makes a tremendous effort to serve his customers with emergency service, as well as everyday reliability. He always picks up the phone, or returns calls, and he always shows up and gets the job done, no matter what. Just today, Vinny responded promptly to an emergency call in Centereach, for one of our customers, to repair a leaking water valve that had frozen. He got soaked by cold water in the process, but the job was completed.


My favorite Vinny story (see attached photos) took place on the morning of February 18, 2014, during a fierce winter-storm. We had a 7 AM appointment in Woodbury with National Grid, to test the gas-fired, rooftop HVAC units on a commercial building we were selling. It was imperative to get the gas turned-on, to keep the building's water pipes from freezing. That morning, Vinny arrived ahead of the 7 AM appointment, in a dangerous snowstorm. The parking lot was to The parking lot was totally inaccessible for National Grid, as both entrances to the empty building had been completely blocked by huge piles of ice and snow from the highway plows. Vinny assisted us in getting the parking lot opened up with a snowplow contractor, then climbed up a 20' ladder, and had the gas valves on the roof, turned-on in time for National Grid's arrival. It doesn't get any better than that. I would never hesitate to recommend Vinny Policano and New York HVAC to all our commercial customers.


Scott Roth

Licensed Real Estate Associate

Commercial Sales and Leasing


Scott Roth Cell: (631) 926-3381



New York Commercial Real Estate, Ltd.

732 Smithtown Bypass, Suite 102B

Smithtown, NY 11787

Fax: (631) 656-0360

Office: 1(800) 610-5359)

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